What is Employee Mental Health?

When it comes to the workplace, there has been a high degree of focus on physical wellbeing for employees, with many companies laying on gym memberships, yoga sessions and massage sessions for staff. But what about employee mental health?

Employee mental health in the workplace is becoming a hot topic and with good reason. Mental wellbeing is vital for us as individuals and also vital for us as employees. Good mental health contributes to productivity, concentration, creativity, complex decision-making, communication and satisfaction.

Reduced mental health diminishes all these facets within us and as a consequence, our work suffers.

Workplace stress and the resulting anxiety may be a cause of mental health issues or there may be other causes outside work. Either way, there will be an impact on an individual’s ability to work. Stress, anxiety and depression can also result in a wide range of unhealthy coping strategies, such as an over-reliance on alcohol or other substances, excessive gambling, OCD, eating disorders or even self harm.

If your company is interested in the issue of employee mental health, improving your employees’ mental wellbeing and providing a duty of care for those who are suffering, we can provide a range of awareness, preventative and remedial services.

Our 60 minute “Managing Stress & Anxiety Workshop” is the perfect introduction to raising awareness and reducing stress-related mental health issues in your workplace. The one hour workshop is for groups of up to 20 people per session. It educates and enables all levels of staff around the issues of stress and anxiety, what the signs are that stress is becoming a problem, and how to effectively manage and reduce their own stress with our evidence-based programme.

We also provide confidential one-to-one Wellness Sessions in your workplace, which give employees a change to “offload” about their work or personal life stresses, or discuss anything that might be troubling them. These one-to-one Wellness Sessions take place in a quiet meeting room or office in your workplace, with a fully qualified counsellor, and are a great way for employees to talk to someone independent, trustworthy and experienced in helping employees with their workplace stress. The Wellness Sessions might be used by employees who have a very stressful job and who otherwise wouldn’t have time or the critical need to seek professional support, or the Wellness Sessions might be used by employees who are having anxiety or panic issues, are drinking too much or using other unhealthy coping strategies to deal with their stress.

Wellbeing Partners can also provide your company with a Mental Health First Aid training programme – the internationally-recognised training programme which provides a group of your employees with the training in how to spot the signs of mental health problems in the workplace, and what to do about it.

If your company would like to start a conversation around creating a mentally health workplace, or to book one of our fantastic employee mental health workshops or services, please get in touch. Call Nick Winfield on 07773 767248 or email [email protected]



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