Mental Health
First Aid

  • Providing in-depth understanding of mental health and helping others in distress
  • Full range of MHFA England-certificated courses available
  • Internationally recognised qualifications awarded to delegates
  • Online or in-person
  • Led by fully qualified MHFA Instructor Members
See list of courses
  • MHFA Adult Certified 2 Day Course
  • MHFA Online Certified Course
  • MHFA One Day Champions
  • MHFA Half Day Aware
  • MHFA Certified Refresher Course

For Managers
& HR Teams

  • Highly effective at giving managers the confidence, knowledge and skills to address mental health issues at work
  • Customisable two-hour courses
  • Online or in-person
  • Interactive, evidence-based and solutions-focused
  • Led by fully qualified mental health training specialists
See list of courses
  • Mental Health Training for Managers – 2 hours
  • Neurodiversity Training for Managers – 90 minutes
  • Neurodiversity Training for Partners
  • Wellbeing for HR – tips for supporting yourself, boundaries for supporting others – 90 minutes
  • Menopause and Menstrual Training for HR
  • Conflict Resolution Skills for Managers – 90 minutes
  • All our Wellbeing Workshops can be tailored for managers

For Employees

  • Helping employees at all levels to start thinking and talking about mental health with their colleagues
  • Customisable 90-minute courses
  • Online or in-person
  • Interactive and evidence-based
  • Led by fully qualified mental health training specialists
See full list of courses
  • Talking Mental Health – 90 minutes
  • Neurodiversity Awareness – 1 hour
  • Conflict Resolution Skills – 1 hour
  • For Women – Surviving and Thriving in Menopause
  • Neurodiversity Awareness Workshop
  • See our Wellbeing Workshops section for more sessions for employees
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