Avoiding Email Overload

We questioned employees to find out what are the main stressors in the workplace – the things that stress us out the most at work. Number one was “Email Overload”.

Feeling overwhelmed by a fast-growing inbox can leave us in a state of worry, irritation, frustration, panic. When there is seemingly no end to this major stressor, there’s a danger that chronic stress can set in. Chronic stress is prolonged and with no clear ending. This type of stress can cause anxiety, panic, depression, and can lead to reliance on alcohol and other unhealthy coping strategies. Chronic stress can contribute to physical problems too, such as headaches, migraines, teeth grinding, digestive problems, immune system disorders, high blood pressure and more.

Taking control of your email system and making it efficient and manageable is an absolute priority.

Check out this article by Leadership Thoughts which can help you to create an efficient email system which helps rather than hinders your ability to get your work done.



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