Mental Health Awareness Week

This year’s mental health awareness week will take place from Monday 18th May to Friday 22nd May.  The two suggested themes this year are Sleep, and Kindness.

We are fortunate here at Wellbeing Partners to have fully-qualified specialists in both these topics, and have exceptional, solutions-focused, one hour workshops, available via a range of virtual platforms such as Zoom, Webex, Skype, GoToWebinar etc for your employees to participate in:

Sleep: Our team of specialists includes highly experienced, registered sleep therapists* who present the fantastic one hour workshop “How to Improve Your Sleep” for up to 100 participants.

This session will provide your employees with the many evidence-based tools, tips and techniques for improving sleep naturally over the long term, along with a range of quick fixes that will get your team sleeping better immediately. All participants will also receive a free redeem code for our app which includes a range of specialist applied relaxation techniques for improving sleep. We also provide confidential one to one sessions with any employees who are having any type of sleep issue.

Kindness: Kindness and self-compassion are key components of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). Our team of fully-qualified, registered and highly experienced MBCT facilitators* are specialists in helping employees to learn and experience the art of skilfully handling negative thinking patterns, cognitive distortions, low self-esteem, harmful self-talk, stress, anxiety and depression. Our one hour “Introduction to Kindness and Self-Compassion” workshop and our “30-minute mindfulness meditation sessions” are recommended for 25 participants but available for up to 100, and include a free redeem code for our app for all participants, which includes a range of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy practices.

We also provide confidential one to one sessions with any employees who are struggling with any type of mental health issue.

Some of our other one hour workshops include:

  • How to Improve Your Mental Health
  • Regulating Anxiety
  • Introduction to Mindfulness I & II
  • Reducing Stress and Enhancing Resilience
  • Children’s Mental Health
  • Men’s Mental Health
  • Digital Detox
  • Mental Health Training for Line Managers (2 hours)
  • Half Day Mental Health First Aid (4 hours)

For more information about our workshops and sessions, please contact us on [email protected]

* There are many providers out there who claim to be sleep specialists, mindfulness experts, or have solutions to anxiety and related issues, but who are not qualified, registered mental health professionals or fully qualified mindfulness facilitators. At Wellbeing Partners, our specialists and therapists are fully qualified mental health professionals (BSc BA, PDip, MSc), and are registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Our mindfulness teachers are qualified to Masters degree level (MSc) in evidence-based forms of mindfulness and registered with the Mindfulness Association. Please do not accept anything less than fully qualified practitioners to work with your employees on these very sensitive topics.











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