Company Mindfulness

We are the leading providers of company mindfulness services for all types of businesses, all over the UK. We deliver mindfulness workshops and regular mindfulness meditation sessions to working people, onsite in their workplaces.

Mindfulness is a mental state where the individual is fully focused on what is happening in the present moment, rather than being preoccupied or “lost” in thoughts, concerns, memories or plans. If you consider the four states of mind are the past, the future, the present and some other abstract place such as daydreaming, then mindfulness is definitely being immersed in the present, without judging that present moment as good or bad, but just being curious, interested and fully involved in that moment.

Immersing yourself in the present moment, whether that’s walking down the street and fully engaging with your environment, being “present” whilst playing with your kids, or sitting and practising a mindfulness meditation, the benefits of being present-focused and mindful are immense.

First, our stress response system switches down, and so our stress and the resulting anxiety reduces. This gives us a chance to be calm and more relaxed.

Second, when we regularly practice being focused on the present moment in a mindful, non-judgemental way, our concentration levels improve, our creativity is enhanced and we have better complex decision-making abilities.

Another superb benefit of regular mindfulness is that it gives us the enhanced capability to observe and acknowledge our emotions without feeling overwhelmed by them. For example, regular mindfulness practice can extend the “short fuse” of someone who is quick to anger, frustration or worry.

All of these elements are hugely powerful in terms of empowering employees and the subsequent benefit to organisations. Company mindfulness can transform the workplace.

Wellbeing Partners provides a wide range of mindfulness services to companies all over the UK – the 60-minute Introduction to Mindfulness workshop is how we usually introduce mindfulness to companies, and we also provide regular mindfulness meditation sessions to groups of employees in their workplaces on a weekly, twice weekly, or daily basis.

Our mindfulness workshops and sessions focus on reducing stress and anxiety, and enhancing brain power – increasing decision-making capabilities, developing creativity and improving concentration – elements of mindfulness which can give your business an advantage over its competitors.

Please email [email protected] or call Nick Winfield on 07773 767248 to find out how your workplace can benefit from the transformational powers of company mindfulness.

Wellbeing Partners also provides Stress & Anxiety Workshops, In-house Counselling and Psychotherapy Services, Men’s Health Programmes, Wellness Week Workshops and comprehensive ongoing Wellbeing Programmes including Fitness, Nutrition, Physio, Pilates, Yoga, Massage, Mindfulness and Counselling.

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