Men’s Health Week – 13th to 19th June 2022

Men’s Health Week presents a terrific opportunity for employers to bring awareness to health issues that affect men disproportionately, and to encourage male employees to think more about their health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing Partners’ selection of relevant workshops include:

Men’s Health – presented by our award-winning men’s health educator and campaigner Peter Baker, this 60-minute live and interactive session encourages men to engage in discussion and learn about different aspects of physical and mental health that are most likely to impact men such as heart disease, prostate and other cancers, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction and other sexual health issues, diabetes, weight, alcohol and substance misuse, depression and more. The session promotes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, providing simple, straightforward advice, and encourages men to think more about their wellbeing and access health services when required. (In-person or online)

Men’s Mental Health – presented by one our fully qualified counselling psychotherapists and men’s mental health specialists, this 60-minute live and interactive session focuses on removing stigma and shame around men discussing and seeking help for mental health issues, provides effective tips and techniques for how men can improve their mental health and wellbeing, and signposts men to the variety of support services they can access if required (including promoting services such as an EAP).

Mindfulness for Men – presented by our James Milford, our head of behavioural sciences and a fully qualified mindfulness-based cognitive therapist, this 60-minute live and interactive session offers your male employees an ideal opportunity to learn about the science behind mindfulness and to try a range of meditations as a highly effective form of DIY mental healthcare. Using evidence-based and scientifically proven mindfulness and meditation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, overcome unhelpful thinking patterns, improve sleep and benefit overall health. (In-person or online)

One to One Wellbeing Sessions – our team of fully qualified wellbeing coaches include five male therapists, who we can make available to your employees during Men’s Health Week, or at any time of the year! These sessions offer tailored, confidential mental health and wellbeing support directly to your employees, including those who might be otherwise reluctant to access mental health support, based on their individual requirements. (In-person or online)

Employee Health Screening – Know Your Numbers – our team of registered occupational health nurses come to your workplace to provide employees with individual health checks onsite. Tests include cholesterol and blood sugar levels, blood pressure, waist:hip ratio & BMI; cardiovascular, discussion around alcohol consumption, exercise, smoking and diet, plus overall health. Each employee receives their personalised results in a graphical and easy to understand report, with signposting to specific health services where relevant. We also provide your organisation with an anonymous overview of the health of your employees, and a comparison with national average. (In-person)

Did you know?

Diabetes Week runs from the 8th to the 13th of June. Our fully qualified nutritional therapists present a range of relevant workshops such as ‘Sugar Awareness: Reducing Sugar from your Diet’ and ‘Nutrition and Healthy Eating’.

Healthy Eating Week runs from the 14th to the 20th of June and focuses on helping us be more aware of what foods we need to increase and avoid to balance our diet and eat more healthily. Our workshops include “Top 10 Tips for Healthy Eating’; ‘All about Breakfast’; as well as Cooking Demonstrations and ‘One-to-One Nutrition Sessions.

World Yoga Day is on the 21st of June, a day for fun and learning about all the different types of Yoga and its benefits. We offer 45 minute sessions in-person or online with our fully qualified yoga teachers. All welcome from beginners to intermediate level. Yoga mats are provided for in-house sessions.

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Men’s Health Week 15-20th June


The statistics on men’s health issues demonstrate a crisis in the wellbeing of our menfolk.

Men are far more likely than women to die from mental health crises, alcoholism, drug abuse, heart disease, infectious diseases such as Covid-19, cancer and smoking-related diseases. In the UK, 1 in 5 men dies before the age of 65.

This year, Men’s Health Week is taking place from 15th to 20th June, and we have three special one hour workshops, all presented by our fully qualified and experienced male presenters, for your employees to access virtually:

“Kindness and Compassion for Men” – Evolution and societal pressures have traditionally encouraged men and boys to feel that kindness and compassion are weak or “feminine” traits. However, kindness and compassion are attitudes and practices that require honesty and courage – and allow us to face up to the difficulties of our own lives and relationships, and respond to ourselves and others in a way that is supportive and empathetic. This ground-breaking session is presented by James, our cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy specialist, and explains the obstacles and instincts that exacerbate rather than alleviate our suffering, and provides a range of practical techniques to enable and facilitate compassion and kindness both towards ourselves and others.

“Men’s Health” – this fantastic one hour workshop is created for men, by our award-winning men’s health specialist, Peter. The session enlightens and informs men about their wellbeing, and encourages men to get their minds and bodies on track. Highly interactive, the session covers physical activity, weight, safe alcohol consumption, cancer symptoms, prostate health, hypertension, mental health, accessing health services, and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

“Men’s Mental Health” – men in Britain are particularly vulnerable to mental health issues. Suicide rates are three times higher for men than women, alcohol and substance abuse is rife, male self-harming rates are escalating, and eating disorders in boys and men are becoming more prevalent.  This excellent men’s mental health workshop is presented by one of our male counselling psychotherapists, Chris, and educates men in the myriad ways they can enhance and improve their mental health. Includes signposting to your company’s existing professional mental health resources and those accessible in the wider community.


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