25 June 2021

Important Announcement!

We’re very excited to announce that from 28th June 2021 Mindfulness in the Workplace Limited will be rebranding to Wellbeing Partners.

In addition to a vibrant new name and logo, we have a fantastic website wellbeing.partners which we’d like you to explore. It showcases the full range of workshops, programmes and training we offer and more accurately reflects the evolution of our wellbeing solutions.

Thank you to the hundreds of companies and organisations that work with us, and the many thousands of employees we serve, for your continued support in our endeavour to facilitate positive mental health and wellbeing for employees around the world.

Wellbeing Partners are committed to providing our clients with flexible, high quality solutions that help them support the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of their employees. If you’d like an updated electronic brochure with details on all our wonderful whole-person mental health and wellbeing services please let us know.

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