4 August 2021

Employees are burnt out, 81% want mental health support

The latest research findings accurately reflect the insights provided by our team of employee wellbeing coaches and counsellors at Wellbeing Partners: huge numbers of employees are feeling burnt out, with motivation and energy levels at a chronically low level; an overwhelming majority of employees (81%) want support with their mental health.

Wellbeing Partners have conducted more than 6,000 confidential counselling and mental wellbeing sessions with employees from hundreds of companies in the past 3 months, and the dominant themes have been:

  • low motivation
  • mental exhaustion
  • lack of concentration
  • low resilience
  • apathy
  • moderate to severe anxiety
  • low mood

Our own front-line observations are keenly backed by the latest research findings from a survey of more than 2,000 people commission by Lime Insurance. The findings identify:

  • 81% said they would like their employer to provide mental health support
  • 26% of those surveyed did not think they were coping with stress
  • 40% said they felt less resilient now than they did before the pandemic
  • More than half said they feel pressure to hide their mental health issues

Wellbeing Partners co-founder and director, Lou Campbell, said “burnout is sweeping the nation’s employees, who have largely been working extremely long hours and with very little work/life balance, to help keep their companies and organisations afloat over the past 18 months. Our large team of mental health professionals, who work exclusively with employees, have observed a huge increase in symptoms which can be described accurately as “having nothing more to give”. Another interesting development over the pandemic is the number of male employees coming forward to get support for their mental health. Men now make up approximately 50% of employees reaching out for our confidential mental wellbeing and counselling sessions, up from 28% prior to the pandemic. Employers have a duty of care to support their employees’ mental health – not just with reactive services like EAPs for those in crisis, but with proactive mental health support services such as confidential counselling and wellbeing coaching sessions which are self-serve, responsive, highly accessible and effective”.

Wellbeing Partners provide confidential One to One Wellness Sessions to the employees of hundreds of companies and organisations around the UK who are committed to the positive mental wellbeing of their staff. The sessions focus on the needs of the individual employee and can provide help with burnout, anxiety about returning to the workplace, relationship difficulties at work or home, sleep problems, bereavement, isolation, depression, alcohol/substance misuse, complex mental health issues, and more.

For more information or to trial our confidential One to One Wellness Sessions service, please contact [email protected] or go to www.wellbeing.partners for more information.

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