24 January 2023

Rising Anxiety and the Workplace: Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

  • Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 occurs 15th – 21st May 2023
  • This year’s theme is Anxiety
  • There are many evidence-based tools & techniques that help employees manage anxiety
  • Wellbeing Partners offer anxiety management courses, group workshops and confidential one to one support for anxious employees

This year’s Mental Health Awareness week in May 2023 focuses on Anxiety, highlighting its prevalence and how it affects our personal and professional lives. This is particularly important to address in the workplace where people with anxiety disorders can feel overwhelmed and isolated.

Anxiety is an issue that requires urgent attention.  Wellbeing Partners are workplace mental health specialists, ideally placed to support your workforce.  Our team of professionals has extensive experience of addressing and treating mental health issues in the workplace.  Anxiety management is one of our specialities and we utilise therapists, counsellors and mindfulness teachers to help offer varied and empirically proven approaches for reducing anxiety.

To help you plan how to support your staff during Mental Health Awareness week in May 2023, here is information on the anxiety-specific sessions and course we offer workplaces:

From Anxious to Calm: a 60 minute workshop that helps to bust the myths and misconceptions around anxiety.  It also provides practical, solutions-focused exercises and tips to reduce anxiety and cultivate a greater sense of calm and equilibrium, even at times of stress. The skills taught are invaluable in giving people the skills they need to manage anxiety allowing improved confidence and engagement in the professional sphere.

Facing Anxiety and Flourishing: A more in-depth exploration of anxiety and how we can reduce it both in the moment it arises but also in the longer term. Utilising CBT and MBCT techniques, the course is offered either as 4 x 1 hour sessions or 2 x 2 hour sessions, the evidence-based course explores a variety of approaches for managing anxiety and developing resilience that gives people the confidence to face anxiety and know that they can flourish even in the midst of difficulty.

In-house One to One Counselling and Wellbeing Sessions: The new workplace trend in mental health for employees is tailored, individual support for those struggling with issues, including anxiety. Employee counselling is an excellent way to meet the mental health needs of your staff, giving them the space to explore issues around anxiety in a confidential, bespoke way.  Our fully qualified BAACP registered counsellors are also wellbeing coaches and have at least 10 years post qualification experience in the workplace experience, and can support all issues that arise around anxiety, offering tailored plans and treatment that support the individual.

For further information on managing anxiety in the workplace and the courses we provide, please contact [email protected] or find out more at www.wellbeing.partners

About Wellbeing Partners: One of the UK’s leading suppliers of employee mental health and wellbeing support services to workplaces. Providing a wide range of confidential one to one counselling sessions and wellbeing coaching, mental health training for managers and HR teams, the full suite of MHFA England courses, hundreds of wellbeing workshops across mental health, psychology, nutrition and physical health, plus a full range of occupational health services.

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