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20 December 2022

In-House Counselling: The new phenomenon in workplace wellbeing

As we come towards the end of the year it is a time to reflect and we wanted to take this opportunity to wish all our clients and newsletter subscribers a Merry Christmas and thank you for the support you have shown us for the past year.  

A real positive to come from a challenging year in employee mental health, is how awareness and discussions around mental health have progressed, particularly in the professional sphere.

However, due to unprecedented demand from employees, workplace avenues of mental health support such as EAPs are struggling to keep up, and many HR and People teams are feeling overwhelmed by the support they are providing colleagues with burnout, distress and mental health issues.

The growing trend in workplace mental health is now moving towards In-House Counselling – a cost-effective mental health and wellbeing support service for employees, that is tailored to the needs of your workplace.

Please read on for more information about In-House Counselling and how it works:

In-House Counselling: The new phenomenon in workplace wellbeing

While most workplaces offer mental health support via Employee Assistance Providers (EAPs), many of these are increasingly struggling to meet the demand placed upon them, so overwhelmed that they are only able to offer limited support, or signpost onto an already overstretched NHS.

Increasingly, organisations are utilising in-house counselling services to help support their employees and this is proving popular and successful. The high-quality specialist service offers more accessible and personal support through a team of named mental health professionals who work closely with your organisations’ employees, but with confidentiality assured.

The highly experienced counsellors meet the needs of individual employees with tailored mental health support and recovery plans, helping them navigate workplace and personal life issues.

Knowing that all staff members can be guaranteed support by a named, fully qualified professional, helps to relieve exhausted HR teams and provides a guarantee of quality care to employees.

High quality specialist counselling support services ensure that all staff can be guided through all manner of workplace challenges, and properly supported with any mental health issues, by a known, trusted and experienced professional, in a guaranteed time frame.

The use of in-house counsellors has huge benefits, not only for the mental health of employees, but for the organisation as well.  The premium and cost effective service helps organisations retain staff and entice new recruits, especially in a competitive market where a culture of wellbeing support is more important than ever to potential employees.

In-house counselling is at the heart of the work of Wellbeing Partners.  Its team of highly qualified counsellors and wellbeing specialists provide over 4500 workplace counselling sessions a year, helping many organisations cope with these increased mental health demands.

If you’d like to know more about setting up our in-house counselling service for your employees, please contact [email protected] or visit

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