The Digital Detox Workshop

Smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, readers, televisions – do you spend too much time staring at a screen? Join the club! The average British office worker spends up to 12.5 hours a day at work and home gazing into a variety of screens.

Is that too much? Hell yes!

And if your employees are expected to multitask media – switching between multiple screens – as a part of their job, you could be subjecting them to long-term memory problems, attention deficit disorders and impaired dopamine function. A ticking timebomb for employers.

How’s this for a list of side effects of excessive screen time: Increased levels of stress and anxiety; Increased frequency of emotions such as fear, worry, anger, guilt, shame; Hyper-aroused nervous system; Sensory overload; Impaired sleeping patterns; Significant damage to eyes and eyesight; Increased risk of cardiovascular disease; Joint and musculoskeletal damage; Shrinkage and loss of brain tissue; Long-term memory loss; Reduced ability to process emotions; Reduced ability to recognise emotions of others; Impaired dopamine function; Severely inhibited attention and concentration; Reduced decision-making capability; Negative impact on cognitive efficiency; Reduced impulse control; Increased food cravings and susceptibility to weight gain; Disturbance of hormonal balance.

Our ground-breaking new workshop – The Digital Detox – explores:

  • Overwhelmed by Screens!
  • How Much is Too Much?
  • The Effects of Excessive Screen Time
  • Warning Signs of Screen Addiction
  • Why is it so Addictive?
  • Quotes from Technology Creators
  • The Particular Danger of Multitasking Media
  • Preparation for Reducing Screen Time
  • The Digital Detox
  • What Next?

This workshop takes place in your office and is a 60-minute session offering participants the facts and solutions for reducing the impact of screen-based technology on mental, physical and social health. We pay special attention to the dangers of multitasking media, and offer a wide range of tips, techniques and advice for protecting the wellbeing of your employees from this massive 21st century health concern.

Please get in touch with us at [email protected] or call Nick Winfield on 07773 767248 to book your Digital Detox Workshop. To discover more about our whole-person health solutions for employees, go to:

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