10 May 2023

Men’s Health Week: How to Support the Health of Men in Your Workplace

This year Men’s Health Week is running from 13th to the 19th of June, bringing much needed focus to the subject of the physical and mental health of men in the workplace.

While it is easy to dismiss as a stereotype  “the stubborn male refusing to take their health seriously”, statistics suggest there is a large kernel of truth in this image.  And this is more than a wellbeing issue – it is one that impacts work, professional engagement and attendance in the workplace.  Ensuring that men prioritise their health is a decision that is for the good of the individual as well as the organisation.

It is easy to have a blind spot about our health, and this is especially true of men.  It is still the case that males are much less likely to visit the doctors than females for both physical[i] and mental health issues[ii].  There are a variety of reasons for this but the most common given by men are that they are “too busy” or “it will get better on its own” and this has a damaging impact on health in the long term.

Men commonly die earlier, become ill at a younger age and experience more chronic illnesses than women[iii] and illnesses that could be stopped in their tracks are more likely to become serious, demonstrated in the statistic that in the UK men are more likely to experience and die from heart disease, the country’s biggest killer[iv].  

Mental health is also a serious issue.  Only 36% of NHS mental health patients are male but men make up three quarters of suicide deaths in the UK [v] and they are also more likely to abuse alcohol and recreational drugs as coping mechanisms[vi].

What makes this issue even harder to manage is that men are less likely to raise these issues in the workplace for fear of the stigma, with studies showing that men will regularly use annual leave to try and resolve mental issues rather than ask for help. This is problematic as it means men are using time that should be for rest to manage mental health and it means the issue is kept from their organisations and the provisions of support they offer.

At Wellbeing Partners we are dedicated to normalising the discussion of male health to help the individual but also make it easier for organisations to support their staff.

For Men’s Health Week in 2023, we offer some key wellbeing workshops and sessions for the men in your workplace:

“Men’s Mental Health” – a one hour live and interactive workshop presented by David – a fully qualified and experienced mental health professional and presenter. The session provides stats, tips and techniques for men to improve their mental health, and encourages the men in your organisation to seek professional support if they need it. (Online or In-Person)

“Men’s Health” – presented by our award-winning Men’s Health Specialist and Speaker, Peter. The session is a one hour quiz-based session which is live, fun, interactive and educational.  (Online or In-Person)

“Mindfulness for Men”

“Taming the Inner Critic: Resilience for Men”

We also offer confidential One to One Wellbeing Counselling sessions with our team of male counsellors – fully qualified and highly experienced) in your workplace or online. Our male counsellors are very experienced at supporting the challenges and mental health difficulties that men often face, and deliver the sessions at an individual level, in a way that makes them very accessible for male employees.

To find out more about our exceptional workshops, one to one sessions and training courses, please contact [email protected] or visit our website at www.wellbeing.partners

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